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Quotes Dracona's Rebirth. After reading Blood of Ancient Kings I had to read the next one in the series and it was as good as the first. It is a book that will be loved by all with a little romance, some fighting, and a lot of adventure. It will be loved by all and at the same time there are good lessons for the teens and young adults?.. what a book?. A true MUST READ. Move over Harry Potter. Quotes
Gordon E

Quotes Enjoyable, easy to read, engaging. It was nice to have an intriguing story without the violence and foul language. Quotes
J. Baxter
mother, creative consultant

Quotes It was a great book for summer reading. Nearly ruined me for other books, I was so anxious for the second book to come out. Quotes
RIley Z.

Quotes YOUR BOOK SO FAR IS AMAZING!!! Thank you for this wonderful book!! Reading it on my kindle.. Quotes
Emily S

Quotes I just finished Blood of Ancient Kings. I loved it and I can't wait for the next book. Quotes
B. Bartz

Quotes Wow.......What a book..........I have not picked up a book just to read in over 20 years as I do a lot of reading for work, but it is things that contracts, technical manual and reports. For Christmas I got a Kindle Fire to put my contracts on so I could access them on the road if I need to refer to something and thought that I would download a book just to see how it worked. I came across the book "Blood of Ancient Kings".....Cool cover so I downloaded it and started read. It is a must read book. Quotes
Gordon E

Quotes Captivating and very well written, you won't want to wait for the next book Quotes
M. Ogden