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Clair Amber

Monday, July 8, 2013

Blood of Ancient Kings by V. J. O. Gardner

My Review


When I first got this book, I thought it was just going to be a long medieval story full of drama and was not really looking forward to that. But I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, even though I always love when books have great covers. After reading the first 100 pages or so, I couldn't put it down! My friend had to drag me off my bed just so I could go and eat something! It brought me such joy and wonder that I was more than happy to receive. No adultery, no love triangles, no unjustified murders, no nothing! Only joy and glee. Love triangles and adultery are the two things I simply loathe. This book had none. God bless your soul for that. Of course, I would’t mind them IF and only IF the issue is resolved ’happy ending’ style and someone who deserves it get’s punished for making me go through so much pain while reading about it. I give this book a medal of honor for bringing me joy and happiness by having such smart characters that dare to use the legendary power of common sense and knowledge. Not to mention having no unresolved issues that weren't brought to justice shortly after. Finally someone used their noggin’ and figured out that kids always do the opposite of what they are told to and used the prophecy the right way. I don’t even care if people find it boring for having no interesting conflicts or fight scenes or if the characters are blandish. This book had a triple wedding and no tragic love. This book is Jesus! No, no. This book is the messiah of books! Wanna know why? Because books are a form of media that is meant for entertainment. This book certainly did it's job and has indeed entertained me, leaving me happy and satisfied. When books have so many bad things happening that do not get brought before Lady Justice I don’t feel entertained. I feel pissed off and wish I could teleport inside and bang all the characters on their heads with a shovel. I know some people need this to find a book interesting, but for me and some other people out there (I hope) this just makes me feel anger and sorrow throughout the day. That is not how a book should make anyone feel. Which is why I hate the Greek tragedies. Theseus killed the Minotaur, the most beautiful and amazing creature that ever existed in literature and should be burned alive, crucified, tortured, stoned and injected with the deadlines poison known to man if he wasn't already dead. Sorry, got a little carried away there. See? Books will do that to you, kids. Back to the review, this book has truly fulfilled it’s purpose all except for two little details. It had a few typos and could have used a bit more editing before release. The other thing is that I literally cried a river when I read that the new king was gonna die in the end. I know we all eventually die, but we have been through so much with this character and Hex had to comfort me for like two hours while playing ’Circle of Life’ on my iPhone. I really wish the death could have happened off screen, or ’off pages’ in this case. Even though I loved this book I am deeply afraid to read the next one in the series because I’m scared that there will be all the things I hate in there just to make it more exciting. Battles and violence is fine, but please don’t make my bang my head against a wall after reading there are two men in love with one girl or something. I will think about reading the next one, but to everyone else, read this book and judge for yourself on the way it makes you feel.

5 Stars
Hex’s comment: Claire has never cried over some character in a book. Dude, what did you do to her? She was so sad even my Airwaves commercial dance didn’t cheer her up. But I guess if she was so glad over everything else, it’s ok. Just don’t do that again. I don’t wanna sleep on the floor again. I saw a big spider once and I would prefer for it not to crawl into my mouth while I sleep.

Larissa & Friends Bookish Friends
July 2013


King Burkhart is a bad monarch! He is selfish, inconsiderate for his people and he is very, very arrogant. But his good fortune is about to end!


In this book King Burkhart will lose everything yet he will not loose his soul, in just a single moment he will lose his kingdom, and his wife but out of the goodness of his heart Colonel Lagnward will spare him his life and the life of his only daughter.


On the other side of his kingdom one of his soldiers Colonel Langward is making all the arrangements to overthrow him, siege power and change everyone’s’ fate.


The new king, King Lagnward sees the future right in frond of his eyes, after a small talk with two women (gifted with insight) he knows exactly what to do to keep his kingdom safe and most of all keep his family happy and prosperous.


The lives of those two men and the lives of their children intertwine from this moment and stay connected through the years, stories of bravery and mistreatment, stories of love and loss all mix as the story of their descendants grow and are being prepared for their true destiny.




Blood of the Ancient Kings is a sweet fairytale, and as a fairytale it needs time to unfold but it’s worth it.

3 Lovelys

Poet At Large Reviews, Book, Blood of Ancient Kings  

July 25, 2013

I recently read a page turner that I just did not want to put down.  “Blood of Ancient Kings” by V.J.O. Gardner left me wanting more so I have already bought it’s sequel in e-format. The plot of the book begins when an evil king is sentenced to live in a village as a common man and raise his motherless daughter on his own.  This is a difficult life for both of them but the future holds wonderful things for the Princess Aurita and the new king may not know all of it but he knows enough to help that future along. The story is one of love and of regret and leaves off with a search for the true heir to the throne of Brinley. The series promises to be a wonderful epic and I look forward to when I can read more books from this Author.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron