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Utah Valley Live podcast on the Pat Sheranian Show recorded on 8/9/2012

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Local TV spot: Turning the Page

About V.J.O. Gardner

Growing up in a small town in Utah I learned good values like kindness and respect for others. While in high school I enjoyed classes like Public Speaking, English and Science. I went on to graduate from Dixie College (now Dixie State University) with an Associates in Communication. Since I learned to read I was a voracious reader, so in college I took Fantasy Lit and writing classes.

Shortly after returning home I married and settled down to raise a family. I found that I enjoyed writing to take a break from the reality of life. I found that besides drawing from my High School and College experiences that I’ve always enjoyed observing people and how they interact based on their individual experiences and upbringing. This had a great influence on my writing. After raising a family, I felt it was finally time I begin to publish what I had been writing. I also discovered that great stories can be told while remaining family friendly.

The road to publishing my first book has been quite an adventure that has given me insight and experience through which I have realized that it’s the journey of discovery that is the most important part of life.

Through submitting my books for review I have learned how to improve them further and in 2013 I submitted my first book, Blood of Ancient Kings, to my first literary contest. I was pleased and honored to receive an award for Blood of Ancient Kings from The DIY Book Festival in the Young Adult category. After my success with my first book, I plan to submit my books to other contests.

Speaking Engagements

Valerie has participated in panels at Salt Lake Comic Con (Salt Lake City, UT)  and Tree City Comic Con (Boise, ID)
She has also been on panels at Life, The Universe and Everything
Topics included Writing, World Building, Epic Fantasy, Long Form Story Telling, and Digital vs. Print.
She was paid to present 'The Journey of an Author' and 'World Building 101' at the Kanab Writer's Conference in 2016.


League of Utah Writers
The United Authors Association
LDS Storymakers
LDS Publishing Professionals Association